27 July 2009

Harry Potter Midnight Showing

Harry Potter midnight showing, yeah yeah YEAH!!!!
That's right, we're hardcore. Well obviously not as hardcore as some others. I headed down right after work on July 14th thinking I'd have at least a decent spot in line... nope the line wrapped around the parking lot and put me over by the freeway. At least I was able to order pizza and give my "address" as the corner of the parking lot by the freeway under the big billboard. That's an amazing first. Anyway, the dudes first in line were camping out since Sunday the 13th. Now that's hardcore, I wonder if they called in sick or took time off... if they have jobs at all that is.
We did luck out to and sit by some really cool people by the freeway. We had a good time... and we ended up being a big group. I was saving a spot for Amanda, Brittani, Bobbi, Kim, Jay, Laura, Larry, Larry J, and Laird. Then Brittani and Bobbi's bro and sis-in-law came along and then Claire and her boyfriend came as well.
If you are wondering what Kim and I were wearing, then I must enlighten you to Harry Potter and the Puppet Pals. They first started years ago with two flash animations and then they progressed to live action shorts... and they're hilarious!

Enjoy Bothering Snape:

Enjoy Trouble at Hogwarts:

Kim and I decided to "bother people"
All photos taken by Laura
Seriously check out Harry Potter Puppet Pals you won't regret it.

Oh, you may be wondering what I thought of the movie.... I give a thumbs down for the crappy seats (they were really bad!) two thumbs up for the movie, I loved it!


laura said...

It was a fun evening!!!

Kim Despain said...

I loved "bothering" people! It was a great time!

Ivon said...

Looks like you had fun. You could have waited and gone to a matinee