22 April 2008

Family Adventure

We planned a family trip to Bandon to see the baby animals at the West Coast Safari and since we live in Oregon it's rain or shine. Imagine our surprise to wake up to snow! granted the forecast did call for snow, but they're never right!

I must admit it wasn't as bad as they said, does this look like 3 - 7 inches to you?

Before we begin our journey we need to check a few things:

DS? Check!
Lach? Check!
Laura, aka driver? Check!

Now, we're off to Mike's!

It was an interesting drive, we went through snow in the lower elevation mountains, we had lots of rain, a drizzle with the sun out, blue sky with the sun (didn't last long), and a MAJOR hailstorm. But it was worth it because we had a lot of fun!

Landon enjoyed chasing the peacocks yelling "chicken!!"

I got to see:

an albino peacock:

a cougar only a couple months old:

3-week old black-spotted leopards:

Sultan, a 5-month old white tiger (I LOVE white tigers!) Unfortunately we weren't able to play with him because he now plays back:

And if you ever watched the cartoon "The Tick" back in the late '90s, I just have one word for you, SPEAK!

And then we bundled up and went to facerock to play on the beach!

All my photos of the trip can be found in my shared album.

I forgot to mention that my brother took a picture of a peacock with it's feathers full out and he thought it was because he was feeling threatened of Mike. I said, "They do it to attrack the female bird." and then Larry J started laughing and pointed at him, "He thought you were a girl!"


The Steve said...

Well you got a light dusting in April...the weatherman said the same thing to us.

Here is a picture of our 'light dusting'

laura said...

That was such a fun trip!!