28 November 2013

Catching up.... again

I think I will forever be playing catch up.  Here's the third commercial that was made for our activity.  I am very proud of this commercial.  It's found on youtube here.

SHIELD yourself was a domestic violence seminar.  Domestic violence needs to be talked about.  If it's not talked about then how will you know what to do if you're in that situation?  Abuse isn't always physical, it can be manipulation or constant criticism.  Awareness events like this help people become inform.

I'm very happy with the turn out & speaker.  The room was full!  About 60 people showed up and about 25 of them were youth.  (Thank you Tati!)  I think it's important to start talking about this to teens.  Sadly teen dating violence happens too.  Our speaker was amazing.  She went over the dating warning signs and then a quick discussion of general safety.

Thanksgiving has been great!  I have a lot of assignments to finish up, but I figure I'll take the day off.  I've decided to work on a few personal projects.  I'm letting my mind just go and not focus on school.  I'm having a leverage marathon.  I watched this show on TV when it started up to when it ended.... it's been awhile and I forgot how awesome it is and how much I love it.

What else.... Oh!  Definitely caught the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who last week - LOVED IT!

I'm thinking of revamping this blog, basically finding a purpose for it.  I think that's why I tend to neglect it.  It needs a direction.  But that's waiting until the semester is over.  :-)

27 October 2013

SHIELD yourself project - Post 2

Last Sunday we filmed our second commercial for SHIELD yourself.  I'm really excited for this project.  We've got some good information that we want to share with everyone about domestic violence and general safety.  It's on the BYU-Hawaii campus but it's open to everyone.  If you're in the area please come!

Here's a still from this commercial.  Leave it to Noelle to trip... 

Our second commercial can be found here.

26 October 2013

365 Challenge - Week 26

10/5/13 - My cousin gave me this beautiful pendant of a sunny

10/6/13 - I decided to make a luggage tag for my sister and brother-in-law

10/7/13 - Another beautiful sunset.  

10/8/13 - Waiting for our class video to finish rendering.... we're hoping we get first place.  We're biased, but just know we'll get it.  (UPDATE: We got first place!)

10/7/13 - I'm trying to eat better, yet I still buy these.  Why Stephanie, why?  (because they're tasty!)

 10/8/13 - These chicken toddlers think that tables are their chairs.

10/9/13 - The Hōkūleʻa out in the Hukilau Bay.  I did a little write-up about it on this entry.

25 October 2013

365 Challenge - Week 25

9/28/13 - I've been doing a lot of doodling lately...

9/29/13 - I was able to go to the Mindy Gledhill concert tonight.  It was a lot of fun!  I'm glad I made it.

9/30/13 - My first time doing 'facetime'  Alivia needed help doing using iMovie for a school project.  We had an iMovie tutorial over facetime.  It was fun.

10/1/13 - I was getting burned out really badly.  It was time for some self-care.  I rented a car and ran away for a few hours.  It couldn't be the rest of the night because I had to go back and study.  But I was able to catch a great sunset near Shark's Cove.

10/2/13 - Finally made it to Waimea Valley.  It was so pretty!  I want to go back.

10/3/13 - Multi-tasking again.  Watching some Glades while I work on my stats presentation.  (BTW I love using prezi for my presentations.)

10/4/13 - Look a bird!

24 October 2013

365 Challenge - Week 24

9/21/13 - Tati and I are doing some designing at the shop today.  Yay designing!

9/22/13 - Look I made some Dr Who luggage tags!

9/23/13 - Look I made a luggage tag with my favorite comic book peeps (Deadpool, Phoenix/Jean Greay, Rogue, Gambit and Psylocke)

9/24/13 - That's right - another exciting day.

9/25/13 - You know it's a busy day when this is your dinner.

9/26/13 - Designing a business card today.

9/27/13 - More doodling fun

23 October 2013

365 Challenge - Week 23

9/14/13 - Fall semester has started and we're in teams for my Human Behavior class.  We're the Foxy Five and we need to have a logo.  I did some sketching tonight for our logo.

9/15/13 - Yep, I went on a Walmart trip with my friends just to buy this DVD.  Love this movie!

9/16/13 - Sorry!  I cheated again.  This cracked me up so much!  I couldn't help it.  So funny!

9/17/13 - Only in Hawaii is the Aloha Oe put in the hymn book.  :-)

9/18/13 - Another day sketching while I watch a movie.

9/19/13 - Just another day at school and in the office.  :-) (This is a rare sight.  I never have my hair down because it's too hot.)

9/20/13 - Elder Holland was speaking in town today so we went to see him.  Yeah, it was already packed when we arrived so we sat on the stage - which was perfect seating.

I'm including the below picture as well.  I couldn't technically use it because I didn't take it, but there we are kicking it on the stage.

22 October 2013

365 Challenge - Week 22

9/7/13 - Started watching Burn Notice to get caught up so I can watch the finale on time.

9/8/13 - Been watching A LOT of Burn Notice.  Some of this has been very emotional.... other fans have had some time to adjust I'm doing a marathon over here.  I hope it ends well.

9/9/13 - Just working on a little face swapping.  My sister sent me pictures of her and two friends to put on her son's football picture.  Yes I will be adjusting the coloring on the heads the best I can.  This is a currently a work in progress.  The goal is for it to look somewhat realistic.  (UPDATE: It turned out awesome!)

9/10/13 - I'm out of shampoo, which means I can now use the shampoo bar I bought at Lush when I was in Maui.  Let me just say that I LOVE it!

9/11/13 - Received a package from Miriam today.  She sent me some beautiful colors that I can't wait to use.

9/12/13 - Dennis and Mary are visiting the North Shore!  They came to Laie and we had lunch together.  It was great seeing them.

9/13/13 - Caught the Burn Notice finale last night.  I cried!  It was good but there was this amazing yet sad scene.  I need to go back and watch the first season when things were still a bit light.  I do love this show.

21 October 2013

SHIELD yourself project - Post 1

This semester my major project is a group one.  I'm working with 3 of my friends to put on a seminar on domestic violence and general safety.  We're really excited for it.  This stemmed from a talk I had with a friend concerning domestic violence - she didn't know what she would do if she found herself in that situation.  I figured that she must not be the only one and then this project was born.

Our first commercial has been posted and our second one will be posted later this week.  Join the Facebook group SHIELD yourself for updates and the latest videos.

If you're in Hawaii please come!  It'll be November 13, 2013 at 7:00 PM at BYU-Hawaii campus room MPC 101.

Here's some stills and behind the scenes information from the first filming session:

Not sure how we came up with the idea of a silent movie type of commercial, 
but it happened during our last meeting.

The music is from 1910 Frankenstien, in fact, this is the music is from the 
scene that Dr. Frankenstien is creating his monster.

Chris was having a hard time being angry and mean.  He'd start and then start laughing.  

H was having little too much, he forgot to pretend to be scared.

J did this great sequence that I wasn't expecting.

J, H, and G are having a little too much fun...

Taylor did a great job!  So committed to the role.

I usually don't make pregnant ladies get on the ground for projects. :-)

Check back for commercial #2!


365 Challenge - Week 21

8/31/13 - Enjoyed part of the Maori Song and Dance Festival at the Polynesia Cultural Center today.  Then I went with Gabby and Mako for a weekend outing - Mako's last weekend in Hawaii.

9/1/13 - Mako had to enjoy the beauty of Kawala Bay before going back to the mainland, so we ended out weekend out at this beautiful place.

 9/2/13 - Traveling to visit my friend in Maui... forgot to take a picture today but I did take this screenshot and it's the best thing I have. :-)

9/3/13 - Hiked through the Bamboo Forest today.  GORGEOUS!

9/4/13 - Did some playing with Ashley and spent the afternoon in Lanai.

9/5/13 - Went to watch the sunrise at Haleakalā.  It was SO cold but gorgeous.  We then went and had yummy cream puffs.

9/6/13 - Another cheat.  I didn't take an actual picture today but I did do this screenshot of a comic I found hilarious to send to a friend.