22 July 2008

I fail... (sorry for the giant post)

I completely failed on the mission of informing you of Batman's awesomeness. Last week was a blur and there were reasons that I was unable to get online. But let's just say that Batman has the highest caliber of awesome available to anyone... ever!

I'm thinking last week was a blur because of my new job. Everything just ran together and is a big blur. Honestly I can only think of a few things that I did last week. One was to see Les Miserables up in Tigard. I really love this musical and I forgot how much until I saw it again. My dad didn't come with Derek and I because he's a Les Mis snob. "If it's not done by a touring broadway troupe then it's not worth going. blah blah blah" So even though it was done by an off broadway troupe that does plays / musicals all year around he didn't give it a shot. But he missed out because they did a wonderful job! The music in this really moves me and I love the message it has. Honestly I can listen to the music over and over again. Which sometimes I do.

The other thing I did last week (besides prepare my talk for Sunday) was to film a pirate commercial for our financial seminar for enrichment. If you're thinking how those two things relate, trust me they do and it was hilarious! (Thanks Katie and Jackie!!) We took a lot of fun pictures while we were getting ready to film this and I think if I post any here they'd kill me. Since I like living I'm not going to tempt fate. But after everything was done we watched Penelope.

I had watched it earlier with my sister but it's such a cute movie! I absolutely love Penelope's wardrobe. That costume designer is a genious! I want to grow up to be like her!! I'm very tempted to make the jacket. I love buttons and this jacket has all different types of buttons, everything was so whymsical and I don't think I spelt that right. I recommend this movie to everyone! It's one of my new favorites!

I'm getting ready for Comic-Con. I'll fly to San Diego tomorrow morning. My boss was very nice and let me get off early today to get ready. I didn't even ask, she told me to do it. I really do like my new boss and co-workers, they're very nice. (Never fear old place of employment I still love you guys very much and miss working with you!!! You all are truly the best!)

Since Twilight is my newest obsession I'm taking full advantage of the author and movie people being at comic-con on Thursday. I've already planned "Operation Vampire" which if it's successful will allow us good seats at the panel. But I won't discuss it here because I don't want to jinx myself. I think it's pretty genious and we get a bonus with it. So here's hoping it works! Hopefully Sarah (my sister-in-law) will be able to make it with me, my niece has been sick. So it all depends on how she does today. But basically Thursday will be dedicated to Twilight. I've tried to warn Sarah about conventions, this is her first one, and boy is she in for a shocker! HaHaHa!!

And Friday night I'm dedicating to Avatar the Last Airbender. I SO love this show and I believe Nickelodeon didn't promote it nearly as it deserved. Shut up! If you watched it, then you'd understand. The writing is solid. They don't treat children like they're dumb. They actually have a continuing storyline and have delt with pretty heavy issues at times. And the animation is top notch. The fighting sequences are amazing! Now that the series is over I'm very interested to hear what's next. They left a few things open *cough*Zuko's mommy*cough* so I hope that means we'll be seeing another story from them.

Last night was our last belly dancing class. I had fun taking it with my presidency. Our teacher was very good and she's willing to come out and do a class for our enrichment sports group. So that'll be cool. I would like to continue taking classes and she teaches Thursday nights, so I may have to drop in for classes.


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