26 November 2008

I'm thankful for....

In no particular order....
Jesus Christ and my religion! I'm so thankful that everyday I have the opportunity to get to know and grow closer to Christ, my Lord.

Freedom of our country! I'm so thankful that we have the right to speak our mind and fight for what we believe is right. We have the freedom to decide our own life and pursue higher education if we so desire (which we all should) We are truly blessed to be living in the land of the free.

Batman! Without Batman I don't know what my life would be like. He's the fighter of justice with amazing toys and a rich cute playboy by day. What more could you ask for? (Loved the comics when I read them, love the cartoons, and love the movies!)

Black Nail Polish! How else can I let my inner goth out?

Chocolate! Oh... I love chocolate so much. Do I need to explain this one?

Mariokart & the DS! I love it when the kids come over and we break out the DSes and all play Mariokart. I really suck at this game but it's so much fun.

Clouds! I love the clouds and I love to photograph the sky. I think the clouds add so much beauty to the world. I could sit all day admiring them. (I took this photograph at Bear Lake, ID)

Strong Women in History! A couple months ago while I visited the air museum in Seattle I learned that there were female fighter pilots during World War II - they were called the Wasps. One of these days I'm going to take a class in women history because these women who fought for the right to vote, equality, and etc are amazing role models.

My Family! I'm so thankful for my family. We're always there for each other and we have a lot fun!

My nieces and nephews! I love these kids!

My friends! They're always there for me to cheer me up and to keep me going. They're the best. (The photograph is my Miriam)

The creators of Avatar the Last Airbender! Without them I wouldn't have this amazing show to watch. They're very smart, funny, and do great character designs! (I love this show!)

"3rd Rock from the Sun" reruns! I love this show and I can spend hours watching it. It's brilliant and makes me laugh so much!

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laura said...

I love what you're thankful for. AWESOME!! Love you!!