08 December 2008

I've been thinking, a dangerous past time I know...

I wonder if you know where I stole my title from. Here's a hint...

It's a line in a song....

ok, here's another hint:

So anyways while I was dying this weekend I was thinking. (Ok, I wasn't really dying but during my moments of consciousness I sure felt like it.) Anyways, I've concluded I'm lonely. I really have no friends up here. I have no one that I can just call to hang out if I'm having a problem or when I feel alone. I just do everything by myself or ask my sister to come along.

The people I do call in that instance, the people I trust to be my friends that I cry on are all in a different state! That's rather sad. (It takes me awhile to trust people enough to connect emotionally as friends, otherwise I don't let my mask / guard down... basically I'm just weird.)

Anyways, I was reading an article tonight and I really like this chic's quote about a network of friends, "I need someone in my life that I can talk to almost every day - someone who remembers when I have a test or that it's my birthday." So true sister, so true.

I think I need to make some friends in the same state I live in....

On another note I watched this new show Sunday night called "Leverage" and I thought it was pretty cool!

I really liked the muscle dude. And the computer guy was funny too! Oh and the thief, I liked her too... ok I thought all the characters were good.

I think I'll be following this one.

I came to another epiphany this weekend while on my deathbed.

Ok, so I'm joking about how bad I was this weekend, but in reality I was really sick this weekend. My sister saw me Friday night and she said, "No offense but you look horrible." And I had to cancel all of my plans for Saturday. I was going to visit the Pittock Mansion with my old co-workers / friends and I was so excited! And this time of year the Pittock Mansion is all decorated Christmas-y. And then my work's Christmas party was that night and I couldn't go either. I basically slept Saturday and most of Sunday away.

So back to my epiphany... thanks to the stupid meth heads sudafed now sucks. There are few medicines that I can take to help my congestion that don't knock me out. Sudafed was always my saving grace. But not anymore! Since they had to remove the key ingredient because of the stupid meth heads it doesn't work for me anymore! I hate the meth heads. I know hate is a strong word but its deserved in this instance!


Megan Diane said...

"Thanks to the stupid meth heads sudafed now sucks."

That is one of the best comments I have ever heard. Thanks for the laugh today!

P.S. You can call me anytime!

Love ya!

mandahugnkiss said...

Stephanie Young I love you to pieces!!!!


I am always happy to chat or bring you chocolate or whatever. :) I hope you are feeling better. I love ya and I am so excited for Saturday!!!

laura said...

How much cold medicine were you taking when you wrote that blog? You crack me up! Not about you being lonely, about the meth situation. :-)
Just because I'm your sister, I'm your friend too. Don't forget that! You are AMAZING!! Love you!!