26 December 2008

Sometimes Twilight cracks me up

the fans and the movie merchandise that is. During my unproductive online shopping spree (What? I'm trying to stimulate the economy) I discovered this perfume and it makes me laugh.

The container is apple shaped, because that's the forbidden fruit, and the smell is something and fresia... because that's what humans smell like to vampires. (You want this, don't you Amanda?)

So, do you want to smell good for vampires?

And the other thing that cracks me up is how fans are freaking out that Rob Pattinson cut his hair. (Oh no, heaven forbid! Whatever - who freakin cares!)

Hee-hee I'm so easily amused. But the kid needed a haircut, and if he wants one he's entitled to one.

I'm sure every time he went on an interview or made any public appearance his hair stylists would be saying "Don't touch your hair!" And every time he combed his fingers through his sexy hair during the interviews I'm sure they were freaking out backstage "Not again! We spent hours doing his hair!" I know that's how it went down.

1 comment:

laura said...

I like his haircut. Him running his hands through his hair and it standing all funky drove me CRAZY.
Now if he will just pose with his right side only I will be a happy camper....