03 January 2009

I went through all this trouble

to make an animated gif for my new countdown (see side panel) only to discover that it won't do animated gifs, it'll only show the first frame! Curse you!

So, since I made it I'm posting it somewhere, and guess where that gets to be? That's right give yourself a prize - it's here. Just the thought of this movie fills me with joy and makes me all giddy!

Edit: But since animated gifs don't work on blogger either I threw together a quick page because dang it I'm going to use this animated gif!!! *waves fist* So please be kind and view my gif here...


laura said...

It's AWESOME!!! AND, I love your new layout. LOVE it!!!!

5Youngers said...

It is great. You are so talented. I'm glad I got to view it.