21 April 2009

Beautiful weekend

I had so much fun this weekend on the Twilight Movie Tour!!! (yes it was my second one... shut up I don't judge you!)

And the weather was beautiful, here's a few photos to show you what we had to deal with. Seriously.

The sun and little clouds.... (some may be joyful for this but I'm butt white pale and I prefer the sun behind beautiful cloud coverage)

Ecola State Park View Point (Isn't this beautiful?!):

Indian Beach (the beach that was used as First Beach in the movie):

There was no breeze at the beach... that is so hard to believe for the Oregon Coast. It was such a gorgeous day that it made you think you could actually swim in the water. But then mother nature laughed at you as you got hypothermia from jumping in without a wet suit.

And we learned a valuable lesson, never turn your back on the water. (Which we as Oregonians already know.) Laura stood on a rock to take pictures and the tide was out there a ways (see the first photo of Indian Beach), all of sudden a wave comes in and it keeps coming in... before we knew it the rock Laura was standing on was almost completely covered in water. You tricky ocean!

More awesome pictures to come. Yes, they will be awesome because I got a Pocket Edward for my birthday. OMPE!!


Ivon said...

Great pictures. I hear you were awesome tour guide. Nice work!

5Youngers said...

I absolutely love that first pic with the sun... Awesome. Can't wait to see Pocket Edward make his appearance.

laura said...

Awesome weekend!! Can't wait to see your photos!

Nancy said...

Your pictures are publish worthy!!!! You always do such a great job.....you should become a professional Twilight Tour guide. You should do what you love. I love you!!!!

Becca and fam said...

Love the photo's and I want to see the pocket Edward!

Kim Despain said...

Pictures? Pocket Edward is totally ready for his appearance!! And your pics are awesome!

The Farrs said...

Gorgeous pictures, Stephanie...I'm really impressed!

Rita said...

Awesome pictures and a very funny site! Did you ever find the exact filming locations in Oxbow Park? I was there in March, but couldn't find them (even with some directions from the park ranger).