05 April 2009

Guess what I never finished?

Ok, I know you're having a hard time narrowing it down because there's A LOT of things out there that I haven't finished.

I need to finish the Twilight Movie Tour that I did back in February.... LOL Here's part 2!

Time to go to school:
We had to go two different high schools to get these shots. Madison (OR) was used for biology and cafeteria. Kalama (WA) was used for the outside and parking lot. (we're such dorks... lol)

This is me at Kalama High, I have not yet mastered the self portrait taking with my Holga. But I sure love doing double exposures! So fun!

Prom dress shopping in Port Angeles:
A.k.a St. Helens, OR

Prom time!!:
Up the gorge to Viewpoint Inn.

They have the Twilight Walk of Fame in the area that the gazebo was for the dancing.

And of course my Holga shots. I love the light leaks on this camera!!

And how could we forget our time on the beach when we learned about the Cold ones?
First Beach in La Push, baby, La Push. A.k.a Indian Beach in Oregon
And of course my shots with my Holga at the beach. :-)

Later this month I'm doing another tour (and I found some more places!) but this time around we have Edward accompanying us and we will have amazing and awesome pictures because of him. Yes be afraid.... be very afraid....


laura said...

LOVE your photos!! I REALLY like your double exposures too!

I'm looking forward to the upcoming Twilight Tour! :-)

Ivon said...

Great photos!! I am glad you are back to doing self portraits. Isn't it fun?

Nancy said...

Love you tour pictures, especially the double exposures. You are very creative and do this well!!!

5Youngers said...

Can I just say that I cannot wait to go on our Twilight adventure... Love all of you photos and I can't wait to see all these places up close and personal and of course with EDWARD!