02 May 2009

I'm on a Gambit high...

Thursday at 7:45 pm:
I went to the theatre and sat on the cold sidewalk among fellow geeky peeps. Everyone ahead of me were in auditorium 1, so I was first in line for our auditorium. They were nice but boy did they have potty mouths on them.

Thursday around 10:00 pm:
Larry, Laura, Kim, and Cecily show up. (Yay not alone anymore.) A fun time was had. My sister has full coverage here on her blog.

Thursday around 11:15 pm:
The workers start letting us in, but there were cutters in the midst. Kudos to the Lancaster Theatre workers for not letting ANYONE cut in line. They were so on top of it.

Thursday around 11:30 pm:
We're the first into the theatre which meant we got our choice of seats. Of course back row middle section here we come. And if you think about it that row is the most tactical advantage of the rows because no one is behind you to slice your throat or to cut it with piano wire. And you're viewing everything that's going on in the room. But it is the farthest from the exits. Hmmm, it does have it's pros and cons....

Friday at 12:02 am:
X-Men Origins: Wolverine begins.

I sure LOVED this movie. I left wishing Gambit was in it more, but then I stopped myself and said,

"Self, it's not X-men Origins: Gambit." (But it would be awesome if it was!)

I treasure the moments he's in it and I loved how they did him:

Actor is cute - check
Powers looked great - check
Fought with a bo staff - check
Threw exploding cards - check
He was awesome - check

I'm SO on a Gambit high right now and I have a feeling I will be for the next couple of days.

PS - And I was even able to wake up Friday and go to work. Surprisingly I wasn't very tired... must have been the Gambit high!


Ivon said...

Gambit was good. He even help Wolverine.

Nancy said...

It was a very good movie and yes, Gambit was nice looking......Wolverine being the 10 though ;)

5Youngers said...

I so loved Gambit..... loved those cards. This was the BEST of the x-men series so far. LOVED IT!!!!!!!

The Steve said...

You should be like me and buy the XMen cartoon on DVD...I noticed them on Amazon yesterday ^_^

Becca and fam said...

Agreed, he was awesome!