06 June 2009

Ode to Laura

This is Laura.

Laura is my sister and today is her birthday. (yay!)

May I just say that Laura is AWESOME!

If I grow up to be like Laura then I know I did something right.

Laura is nice and welcoming to everyone.

Laura is very caring. (Not just caring, but very caring or should I say very very caring)

Laura is our eldest sibling.
(She may have gotten jipped for being born in the "older three" so she didn't get princess status, but she never mentions it at all. )*coughsarcasmcough*

Laura is an amazing photographer and will go anywhere for a good photo. (sometimes she'll end up in a sticky situation because of her adventurous spirit.... for example the above picture - she's actually standing on a rock here but a big wave came all of the sudden.)

Laura is extremely talented and fun to hang out with. (If she wasn't, I wouldn't keep asking her to go on trips with me.)

Laura can get you laughing to the point of crying.

Did I mention that Laura will go anywhere for a good photo? Even if it means standing in the middle of the street.... or train tracks.

Laura is an amazing photographer and is willing to teach me and help me become better.

Laura isn't afraid to try new things.

Laura is an amazing mom.

Over all Laura is the best big sister and I couldn't ask for anyone better!

I love you very much


Happy birthday Laura!

PS....... Laura is so smart...

~How smart is she?~

She's so smart that she knows not to order bourbon gelato in New Orleans because bourbon doesn't cook out of something frozen. Hahaha...

Love you Jen, please don't take offense. I'm joking! Laura and I both love you very much!

Let's hear it one more time.....

Happy birthday Laura!


laura said...

You're so sweet! I'm so glad we're sisters and friends. Love you!!!

The Steve said...

I would hope Laura is your best big sister because I am not aware of any others :)

Kim Despain said...

What a nice post!!! You guys are both great! Happy Birthday Blaura!! Love ya!

5Youngers said...

What a sweet post to the FABULOUS LAURA!!! Love you tons Laura! You are a great sister-in-law and I'm grateful to have had you in my life these last 11 years. Happy Birthday Chica!

Nancy said...

What a wonderful write up about your sister....everything you said is true about her. All I can say is AMEN to what you have posted. (plus you're not so bad yourself Steph. I love both of you LOTS!!!!)

Ivon said...

I would say you too are best friends. Keep doing things together. Also, Happy Birthday to Laura.