10 June 2009

Ode to Mike squared

This is Michael

Today is Mike's birthday.

Michael works very hard to provide for his family which he loves very much.

He has an adorable family.... and a twisted sense of humor.

Yep that's my brother.

And I'm going to tell you a trick with Mike..... So, if he's eating cookies ask for one. He's nice and will give you one. But then when there's one cookie left in the package he'll give it to you because he can only eat in twos!

(Now don't be taking this personal that Laura has a longer Ode, I do more with her so I have more pictures and know her better. No offense intended.)

This is Michael.

You may be thinking, but isn't that your brother when he was younger? Alas, that would be no. This is my nephew and he was born on the same day as his dad!

Mikey is very cute, adorable, and such a good helper.

Did I mention he's adorable?

Happy Birthday Mike squared~!!!


MW said...

pretty little boys

Ivon said...

Happy Birthday Mike Squared! Nice write up for your brother and nephew. I like it.

laura said...

Happy birthday indeed! Fun blog post Steph!

5Youngers said...

Love the pic of Mike! Happy Birthday to my boys!

meesteryoung said...

Hey... Thanks

The Steve said...

This is probably an oversight, but I looked at the April archives and didn't see an Ode to The Steve...though I did see a few twilight posts in my place...:(