16 July 2009

Alivia's Swim Meet

Last Saturday I got up EARLY to go to my niece's swim meet. I don't do mornings, but I dragged myself out of bed because I wanted to see her swim, aren't I good aunt? I thought so too.
It ended up being a meet against Anna and Rachel's team (Kim's daughters) and all the kids did amazing! (And no Kim and I did not plan to be matchy matchy.)

Anna is neck and neck with the other swimmer.

Check out Alivia's lead, yep she came in first.

Rachel is so happy, she just came in first.

They all did great. Each of them came in first in one of their heats. (Anna's was VERY close she came in first by a fraction.) And Alivia's relay team also came in first, so she got two firsts which was a...first for her... no pun intended. But they didn't hand out any ribbons, lame!

Here are some of my favorite shots that I did some experimental post production to (I'm really diggin the saturated look in the photos...)
Sarah wanted a shot like this but it was difficult because someone *cough*Kim*cough* kept making Alivia laugh so she'd move. So I just took a head shot and told her I'd photoshop it. But then I thought while I'm in there I could do some post production work. I like.


laura said...

AWESOME photos!!!

Kim Despain said...

I love the pics!! Can I get copies? At the next meet, I'm wearing a blue shirt FYI ;-)

Ivon said...

Great pictures. I think I can smell the chlorine.

Nancy said...

GREAT shots!!!! I love the one of Alivia with the blue rope and faded edges!!! Alivia and Anna....Good Job!!!!

5Youngers said...

You got some seriously amazing shots!!!!!! I love the one of her with the googles and only the top half of her face. and the post production was amazing!!!
and yes, you are a totally AMAZING AUNT!!!!

Thanks for being there for her. It really meant a lot to her.