08 July 2009

Leverage Screening (and praise to Ginger!)

I love Leverage.

I was excited for it to start and have watched it since the beginning.

I was extremely excited when I found out that they were coming to Portland to film, unfortunately I have not been able to Leverage stalk as much as I would like.

When I heard they were coming up here I said, "I'm going to Leverage stalk and get my picture taken with Parker patting my head." (It's from the season finale episode) And we all laughed, because honestly that would never happen.... until now.

I'm going to tell you a little story....

Once upon a time, aka yesterday, our hero was sent a text message from Lindsay that read, "I am going to the Leverage screening tonight." Our hero was shocked (and jealous) that she hasn't been keeping up in the loop and didn't even know there was a screening in Portland. A half an hour later Lindsay was able to locate a way for our hero to find out if there were any more tickets for this wonderful event. Within a half hour two tickets were secured! And of course our hero wants to have some bonding time with her sister.

Luckily our hero's wonderful parents had returned from a trip and were kind enough to watch Laura's wee ones. And they left Laura's sick husband at home to sleep and throw up alone.
Our hero and her sister arrive at the Hotel Deluxe in Portland and notice a line outside, they talk to a very nice valet attendant and were told vouchers were handed out earlier but to look for the gentleman in the yellow tie.

They search out the yellow tie only to find out that our hero's arch nemesis had attacked! Miscommunication between the Turner company giving out tickets online and the event staff giving out vouchers in person meant that there were no vouchers for them. But he encouraged them to stay because they just might be able to get in.

The two slouched down on a couch in the lobby in defeat, was their trek for naught? Were their dreams getting trampled on?

Lindsey and her friends arrive moments later with vouchers for themselves, due to the friends living in the Portland area. As the five of them discussed the issue and confusion over the tickets and vouchers a lovely event coordinator named Ginger comes to the rescue.She explains how the hero's arch nemesis had attacked but we may be able to get in still. Our hero and her sister have a plan - they played the "We drove all the way from Salem" card and the "She left her sick husband at home for Leverage" card. After hearing this Ginger said that they will get in then.

They waited patiently on a nice soft couch in the lobby instead of outside in the line. Thanks to Ginger our hero and friends were:

First in line for the autograph session for the second showing and first in line to enter the screening room. Do you know what this means? Front row baby!!!!

Ginger took the photo

Laura took this photo

Laura took this photo (I got my Parker patting my head picture!!!!)

After that awesome first episode, can't wait to watch it again next week, Timothy Hutton arrived! Yay! There was an fun Q&A and Timothy Hutton was nice enough to stay and do autographs.
Lindsay took this photo

It was an amazing night! And prayers are answered, I'm telling you I had a prayer in my heart that it would work out and we could make it in after we talked to the yellow tie dude, and it was answered!

We got pictures with everyone of the cast members, their autographs and I have a picture of Parker patting my head.

I must admit I felt silly asking her, but I have two new mottos that I'm trying to live by.
1. When opportunities arise take them - live your life without regret.
2.Don't be afraid to look silly.

Beth, who plays Parker, wasn't there at first, she arrived just as Laura and I finished getting autographs, she stood between us. We took that group photo right away, and then I asked her to pat my head - I felt silly asking, she was shocked/surprised (the look on her face was awesome) but she knew what I was referencing to because she said the line. If I didn't ask because I was afraid of looking silly I would have kicked myself all the way home and the for many nights to come. But since I asked, Laura was able to have her head petted too.

Did I mention it was an amazing night?

Sorry, I can't do short and sweet... I don't think that will ever happen.


laura said...

Awesome post! It was a GREAT evening!!!

Ivon said...

Looks like a great evening for you and Laura. How many jealous friends do you have?

Kim Despain said...

Looks like a fabulous time!! I'm so glad you guys got so lucky and got all the autographs and front row even!! Super cool!

5Youngers said...

What an AWESOME night! Great commentary and story telling by the way.

Nancy said...

I'm so glad the good guys won in your story.....which I enjoyed reading ;))))

Becca and fam said...

Is that Lyndsay from Angel? I love him! Cool photos and looks like a you had a great time, awesome that you got autographs!
Oh, the first (and only) quilt that I made was a patchwork jean quilt using a ton of my old jeans, then I used the same jeans to make a cool bag for Liz that I put cool butterfly patches all over. She wore it out now she used it so much. Thanks for the ideas!

mandahugnkiss said...

Steph!! I am so glad you guys had such a good time!! woo hoo :) Good for you asking Beth to pet your head lol!!