11 July 2009

Photo Walk Week 2

This week we had our second photo walk and this time we went to Bush Park. About an hour before Kim picked me up she said it would be cool to do a scavenger hunt.... so I came up with one.

Framed - there were two that I really liked
Depth of Field - I haven't really ventured too far into manual control yet so I didn't adjust the aperture for the depth of field, I used the macro setting.
Motion Blur - I was trying to get a shot of this flower and the wind picked up and I really like how it turned out even though it wasn't intended to be the motion blur shot.
Airy (your interpretation) - I thought these flowers looked light and delicate which I thought would be good for airy.
Plant - not a flower - grapes are not flowers
Low Perspective - I got on the ground for this one
Something Blue - can't get bluer than the blue sky
High Perspective - I had to really look up to get the these... but they might actually be low perspective...
Something that makes you happy - I love swings...
Shadow - again there were two that I really liked.
Portrait - how could I pass up a reflection portrait?
Something red - I REALLY like this photo but it's uploading the wrong direction and I'm not sure why!! I'll need to figure it out and post it later.


Ivon said...

Nice walk and awesome pictures.

laura said...

GREAT photos!

Nancy said...

I love all your pictures!!

5Youngers said...

Great pictures.

Kim Despain said...

Those turned out really great! I love them and can I be a little vain and say I really like the one of myself of the teeter totter....I don't like pics of me very often. I have almost the exact same pic of the heart bench! Too funny!

Becca and fam said...

What fun photo walks! I love all the photos but the grapes is one of my favorites.