06 July 2009

What obsessions?

This is my friend Jen.

She's beautiful, amazingly talented and has a wicked sense of humor. (And she's an awesome warrior protector watching us a full 360 degrees in New Orleans.)

In that clever brain of hers she has many stories running around. And the current one she is working on I'm LOVING. I'm lucky enough for her to send me chapters after she's edited them and I can't get enough.

It inspires to me draw her characters and scenes. I'm always asking her questions about the characters, asking her what she has planned for them, and of course after I read what she sends me I'm calling her to say "I need more!" I'm like a druggie and she's my dealer.

What obsession?

This is NCIS.

I don't know why but I sure do love this show. If I let myself be obsessed I would with this one. Whenever there is a marathon I'm watching it even if I have already seen the episode.

Psst I'm going to tell a secret... When Director Shephard died I cried. I don't judge you!

"Yay!" *clapping hands* "NCIS is one" that is my reaction when I see it's on in the guide.

I don't know if this one really counts as an obsession though...

What are you obsessed with?


Ivon said...

I am not obsessed with anything. I am just crazy. Crazy in love with my wife, my kids, my grandchildren. :)

laura said...

Pretty soon I'm going to be obsessed with my new house! :-)

Nancy said...

My name is Nancy...and I'm a Law and Order junkie. I love them all. Criminal Intent is my very favorite one though. Did I mention, I'm a C.S.I. junkie too ( even though Heratio is in it, He can be overlooked!!!! ). I also love NCIS, we have something in common ;))))))

Becca and fam said...

OK, now I'm craving to read Jen's story. Without even saying what it's about you've convinced me that it's got to be amazing.

wholesaler said...

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