25 November 2009

Lucy you have some explaining to do!

Is probably what my mom is going to say when she gets home.  Let me back up and tell you an amazing story.

Derek and Erica told me they have access to fabric that is no longer going to be used and will be tossed out.  They were told "Take whatever you want" by the supervisor.  Both these people are very thoughtful and thought of me.  I was super excited after they told me but I still wanted to make sure it was ok with Erica's dad.  So I had Derek text Erica for her to ask her dad.... yeah... Anyways, Derek gets a text back from Erica and it's a go!

I got up early this morning.  GASP, I know.  I got up early!!!  Can you believe it?!?  I guess only fabric can get me out of my bed early.  (Oh, and photography, did you see the fog this morning?  I'm going on a photo journey tomorrow morning since I don't work for some cool fog pictures.  Another early morning for me, but this is another tale.)  Anyway, back to my story.

I met Erica and Derek at the shop and was in awe of all the fabric.  I started feeling the fabric and pulling off rolls of fabric that caught my eye (which some are taller than me).  I believe I said "ok, I'm done." three different times.  And luckily I was wrong because after each time I found some more cool fabric that I missed previously.  I ended up with a lot.....

I told you.

It was really hard for me to focus at work today because my brain has been designing all day and now I can't wait to get a pen to paper and start sketching out those designs!

Derek was kind enough to get the fabric from the shop to the house, you can read his adventure about it here.

Now I'm trying to figure out where I'm going to put it all so I don't invade my mom's sewing room.  Good thing she's in Texas right now, she'd either be excited and want some or will get upset because I'm invading her territory.

I'm so happy!!!  Thanks Derek, Erica and Brian!!! (That's Erica's dad's name, I just asked Derek so I know it's true.)

PS -
I'm going to make Derek and Erica the cutest pair of pj pants EVER!


Ivon said...

You and Derek might be in frouble!

Kim Despain said...

Wow!!!! How fun ~ I bet you felt like a kid in a candy store :-)

Ty-Chou said...

Dang! Lucky lucky! You should definitely post pictures of what you end up making!