04 November 2009

NaNoWriMo Day 3

I forgot to post this last night... but I excelled in my word count

Day 3 count: 6,753

In theory I don't have to write tonight because I'm just a bit over where I should be after day 4.  Oh yeah, it's my birthday!!  But I'm still going to write.... can't get out of the habit.  I need to write everyday until the 30th or 50,000 words - whichever is first and completes my story.

Did I tell you that my firends are coming to visit me??!?!?!?! 

My friends are coming!  My friends are coming! My friends are coming!  I feel like Paul Revere but the British weren't his friends and he was not excitedthat they were coming like me.....

1 comment:

Ivon said...

Paul Revere! Are you expecting a battle with your frieds?