15 November 2009

Project Runway

I so LOVE Project Runway!

This is my brother, he and I talk about Project Runway because he likes it too.

 Don't worry he's straight, how could he not be with a face like that, right?

Anyways, we both agree - we DO NOT want Irina to win.  He said "She's a monster" and I said "She's a witch with a capital B!"  (But of course it could be how they edit the show... I do understand that editors can create what they want you to see.)

This Thursday while I'm in line for New Moon Derek will find out who wins and I'll have to wait until the next day.  (PS Ladies I think we might want to change our Sunday evening Project Marathon to Friday evening.... I don't know if I can wait!)

PS - I'm still behind in NaNoWriMo, but I'm not giving up and I will reach that goal!!!   
Word count - 11,064


laura said...

LOVE that show!

Nancy said...

You guys are funny!!