21 December 2009

"Operation food boxes"

Was a success! My co-worker & I (along with a contribution from another co-worker) bought enough food to fill seven food boxes for families in the community that have had a rough year.

We may have been seen once as we were driving away.

I possibly had to hide behind a car while I waited for the snoopy teenager to go back in the house while my co-worker hid behind the neighbor's bushes. The snoopy teenager may have spotted us while we quickly walked past our car and down the street trying to give him the slip. With me muttering "Keep walking! Keep walking!"

My co-worker may have frantically ran for her life away from the only lit up house in the cultasac. Which she responded to "I don't know what I was so scared of there was a wheelchair ramp."

And I possibly had to use my spy movie skills and drive without headlights each time until we were clear of the house.

But not actually getting caught while ding-dong ditching is not too shabby. And besides, if we were caught they'd have no clue who we were anyway.

Oh yeah, we also may have discussed that instead of doing drugs people should ding-dong ditch because it's such a natural high. What a fun night!

Merry Christmas everyone!


Ivon said...

Well done for spreading the Christmas spirit to others. Love you.

laura said...

How fun (and funny!) is that! You guys should be so proud of yourselves! Great job!

Kim Despain said...

Did any of the food boxes contain grapes? Just asking.....

Great service! I'm sure the families were so thankful!

Nancy said...

Such a thoughtful thing for you guys to do!!! This is what Christmas is all about. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Sherri Jorgensen said...

that is awesome!! I agree it is such a rush!!!
You are amazing!

Family Fun said...

I love hearing stories of the true meaning of Christmas (service).