18 December 2010

Book Club!

Amanda and I are doing a blog / online book club! (Anyone else that wants to join is more than welcome to!)

Our first book is Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen.

We'll be starting on tomorrow, Sunday the 19th and posting our thoughts and discussing the book on Sunday the 2nd.

(If you're wondering why it's only 2 weeks it's because school starts the 3rd)

Edit - the books that we'll be reading are from Amanda's English Lit reading selection for the winter term. So I'll talk to Amanda about out next book and the time frame.

1. Comment or email me (neffie (at) gmail (dot) com) that you'll be participating and make sure you provide a blog or other social media way of discussing the book.
2. Read the book
3. On Jan. 2 post your thoughts on the book and we'll commence with our discussion. I'm thinking best way is leaving comments on each person's entry. If you have any other ideas, please share!


Kim said...

Count me in! This is one Jane Austen I've never read, so I'm excited!

Ardith Haws said...

I want to play, too!

Ivon said...

Stef, I would jump in, but you usually like girlie books with love and romance. :)

neffie said...

They're not all girl books! Actually I don't know that because the books are coming from Amanda's English Lit reading list.

But you should give it a shot Dad - you never know!

Laura said...

I want to be in the club too! Even though I might not be able to read all your books, I'll read what I can! I'll definitely be anxious to read your guys' blog reviews :-)