26 December 2010

Happy Boxing Day!

Here's my recap of my lovely Christmas:

I visited Mary and Luis in Motherwell for a Christmas Eve dinner. It was delicious!

On my way there, Santa boarded my bus and gave everyone some candy.

Christmas Eve was quite a cold day!

Since I didn't have Derek here to wake me up I slept in for a bit. But then again, I always like sleeping in a bit.

I went to have dinner with my Bishop and his family (they're such a lovely family!) It was delicious and there was a LOT of food.

I had my first Christmas Cracker and wore my first paper crown (that came out of the cracker)

(They don't all contain chocolate, but there is a joke, prize, and crown in every cracker.) It was fun! Sadly I misplaced my crown before I was able to take a picture wearing it :-) Oops!

FYI - my very first loaf of bread was hollow. Oops again! (but it is still tasty!)


Laura said...

Sounds like an awesome Christmas weekend! I love your photos!! Love you!!!

Nancy said...

I'm so glad you had a good two days and were with nice people! I love you!!

Joan Peterson said...

So glad u had a nice Christmas ! Again I will say,I Love all your photos...

Kim said...

I love Christmas crackers!! Fun pics!

Ivon said...

Super Christmas in Scotland. Good thing you didn't have to eat haggis. Love you.