23 December 2010

It's almost Christmas Eve!!

It's the eve of Christmas Eve.... are you guys ready?

Yesterday I went to Mary's to do some Christmas baking with her. (Mary did most of the baking while I did most of the standing around.) We (a.k.a Mary) made:

"Paul's Easiest Cookies"

and peanut butter fudge. When it came to the fudge Mary had to call "the mother" (it was so funny when she said that!) who informed us that candy making is an art not a science. And I now know what "soft ball stage" is. (Mary was able to do the artwork wonderfully.)

I did help whisk the fudge, since we tag-teamed that part, but let me tell you Stephanie's whisking needs work. (Personally I think that's what mix-maxers are for.)

And of course we forgot to take pictures of the event so Laura told me to take a self-portrait with the goodies.

I'm making rolls today for our Christmas Eve dinner. Crossing my fingers that they'll turn out because this is my first time making them (and it's from scratch! - Go me!)


Becca and fam said...

Yummy treats Steph! Merry Christmas to you, you are missed here!

5Youngers said...

Yummy treats! Madison made you a super cute Christmas card that I need to mail off to you. Love your hat! Merry Christmas!!!!

Laura said...

Go you, indeed! What yummy fun!! Love the photo of your cute self and your delicious morsels. Love you!!

Nancy said...

These Christmas treats look yummy and you look cute!! Merry Christmas, I love you ;)

Ivon said...

Yummy treats and first time rolls. Go girl! We are about 90 minutes away from Christmas Eve here. I am almost in bed; but you know, farmville is calling. Love you!