02 January 2011

Flashback - Egypt

I've been thinking quite a bit about my trip to Egypt, which I took back in 2007. Especially our day trip to Alexandria, where we toured a roman amphitheater and a home. I feel like I've already done a post like this, but I couldn't find it... so I guess I hadn't.

We had to cross the street to enter this area and crossing the street in Egypt (at least the areas I visited) are a bit death defying and frogger combined. So here's a group of American tourists on the edge of the sidewalk looking both ways to find an opening in traffic. We spot an opening. And as we start to cross we're all of a sudden stopped by police officers on both sides of us, frantically trying to keep us from crossing the street. (Heaven forbid tourists get hit by a car in Alexandria!) They proceed out and stop traffic to allow us to cross. (it was pretty funny!)

I love this bath tub, isn't it gorgeous?

Aren't these mosaics beautiful?!

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Kim said...

I love ancient against modern! Great photos!!