03 January 2011

Houston we have a problem....

Have you ever gone to the ATM to get your monthly allowance to completely blank on your pin?

You end-up standing there because you know your pin, you really do, but nothing comes to you?

You try what you think it is only for the screen to tell you that it's invalid?

So you decide to sleep on it for a night, rest your mind, and try different ways for it to come back to you. But it doesn't.

Has that ever happened to you?

Let me tell you, it's pretty scary when it happens and your over 7,ooo miles from home and your money.

Good thing I have £6 in my purse and a little bit of money in my Scottish account that isn't going to bills this month. Yep, I'll be rationing my money and food for a couple of days until that new pin arrives.

Thanks for your help this morning Dad, Derek and Mike!


Kim said...

That's happened to a couple people in my family lately....and one of us had to get a new pin (cough cough Tyler) Hope your PIN comes soon!!

Sherri said...

I have never known my pin...duhhhh...everyone has a pin...I have been stuck many times...but at least I was just a few miles from home!!

Nancy said...

Welcome to my world of forgetfulness.....there is plenty of room for you!! The more you think about the numbers the more confused you get ;-/

Laura said...

NOOOOOOOOO! That sucks! I'm sorry chica!! Hope it comes soon!