08 February 2011

Edinburgh part 1

I think it's about time I share my trip to Edinburgh. I went a couple weeks ago and I need to go back! I didn't get to see everything. I did an overnighter and which means I have A LOT of pictures. Don't worry I've narrowed down what to blog about - unfortunately though there's still a lot of pictures. So I figured there's going to be a couple Edinburgh posts.

St. Giles Cathedral

I LOVE the iron working on this door!

These are from St. Mary's Cathedral

Look, the light post is happy to see me!


Lesley Ann said...

Yay! You went to Edinburgh! It's stunning isn't it?

And where you're standing on the Esplanade at the Castle, is roughly where my hubby proposed to me ;o) x

Kim said...

They just don't make things like that in the USA...gorgeous pics!

neffie said...

Lesley Ann - Stunning is a wonderful word to describe it! I think I needed a couple more days there. I'll definitely being doing another trip there. :-) And what a great spot to propose!

Kim - Thank you! Even if old buildings were kept instead of being torn down for the latest greatest building they're nothing compared to how old buildings are here. It's crazy!

Nancy said...

I love your happy lamp post!! Edinburgh is such a beautiful place.

Laura said...

Love, love, LOVE!! Great photos! Can't wait for more!

Laura said...

PS - Lach loved the 3rd from the bottom picture. He thought it was him because he pulls that face! :-)