10 February 2011

Edinburgh part 3

Here's some more of Edinburgh, hope you enjoy!

The Scott Monument (My tour guide said they call it the gothic rocket)

I did a tour of the vaults under the South Bridge. It was a paranormal tour - I like hearing those paranormal stories!

I also learned on my tour that this statue's big toe is a different color because people lick it for good luck (i.e. students right before a big exam) EWWWWWW!!

This building was built in 1590! You'll notice the initials and the date over some doors - initials are the first occupants that it was built for and the date it was built. If you visit the writer's museum you'll notice their building has one of these over the door as well.


Jen said...

Ah, it's like you did everything me and Miriam did. Our hotel was located across the street from the Scott Monument. I hope you enjoyed Edinburgh!

Jen said...

Forgot to ask what you thought of the tour of the underground vaults?? I had a good time on that tour. In fact, if you ever watch Ghost Adventures that was one of their lockdown locations.

Kim said...

That one pic of the underground vaults looks like a red ghost with glowing eyes! Very cool pics and I think I'd take my chances on a test without licking a toe...haha!

Sherri said...

these are just awesome pictures!

Laura said...

EWE on the toe but other than that, I'm in love!!

Nancy said...

I would LOVE to be there with you and seeing all these wonderful things!!!!! I love the UK, it's so beautiful!!