12 February 2011

Edinburgh part 4

And here's more of Edinburgh - my final post. :-)

I wandered into this garden which was back in one of the Closes. It was a cute little garden

This is a door from the oldest building of flats on the Royal Mile

Look Mike it's a UPS truck. I took this for you!

Wahoo, I like this mirror!

Holyroodhouse Palace is where the Queen stays when she visits Edinburgh.

This is the oldest part of the Palace and this is where Mary Queen of Scots lived.

Next to the Palace is the Holyrood Abbey. Unfortunately it's being worked on so I couldn't go inside the Abbey and I was very sad. :-(

I wore myself out! I was SO tired when I got home.


Laura said...

Your photos are fantastic! It's gorgeous there! Love the architecture! You did a great job capturing the sites & you're adorable. Love you!

Ivon said...

Awesome pictures. They make stir a traveling bug within. Love you.