17 February 2011

I can't think of a cool title

So sometimes I catch this new afternoon show called "Ocean Force" and it takes place in Florida during Spring Break. Oh my goodness people do STUPID things when they're drunk. I think I get involved in the show because there were two girls stuck in a riptide and I'm yelling (like it's going to make a difference) "Swim sideways!" They kept trying to swim to shore.

I thought that was common knowledge - when you're getting pulled out and are stuck in a riptide, instead of trying to swim back to the beach you swim sideways to get out of it. And that's why I don't swim in the ocean. (Well and because there could be a giant octopus or squid swimming underneath you and you wouldn't know.) I go up to my waist and that's about it.

Except in Oregon you really can't do that. If you try you'll get hypothermia. But the Oregon coast is SO pretty and relaxing - I love it so! So that's my rule when I'm in Hawaii, Southern California, and when I lived in the south. Maybe I developed that rule when we lived in Monterey, CA because the beach we always went to had bad riptides and we couldn't get into the water.

I'm just rambling now so I'm done. :-)


Kim said...

I yell at TV shows too....stupid people!

Nancy said...

I enjoyed reading your rant and I can relate to the giant octopus or sea monster of any kind! I want to see (no pun intended) a clear bottom.

Laura said...

I laughed so hard! I can totally see you typing this! Love you!!