15 February 2011

I'm awake....

Why is it when I go to bed at 1 am (like normal) I sleep 10 or 12 hours. But when I'm lethargic all day and go to bed early at 8 (yes I missed my class tonight) I only sleep 6.5 hours and I'm wide awake at 2:30 in the morning? How is this possible? Well hopefully this will get me back on a normal sleep cycle because it's been really bad. Really bad.

I received the best email today from JoElla! You see, JoElla is coming to visit me in April and we're going to do a crazy visit to Italy and a more relaxing visit to Paris. (I say crazy visit because we'll be visiting Bergamo, Milan, Florence, Pisa, Rome, Naples (on our way to and from Pompeii) and Venice in like 5 days) I'm going to see artwork that I've only seen in books and by the time I'm done I'd have seen artwork from all four ninja turtles! boo-ya!

So anyways, back to that email.... it was a very simple email, in fact only a few words:

"Our tickets just got here!"

Tickets = our rail tickets (rail pass for Italy and our overnight train from Venice to Paris)

To get those in the mail makes it seem a bit more tangible- like it's around the corner. When I think of April I think "we still have a couple of months!" but then I think "it's ONLY a couple of months!" It feels far away one moment and then one moment it doesn't. I'm so excited!

My inner nerd (ok outer nerd too) even looked up Volterra to see if it was possible for me to make a quick pit stop and visit. I knew it was in the Tuscany area and Pisa and Florence are in the Tuscany area... granted I think the Tuscany area is pretty large. It's an hour and a half from Pisa if we rent a car (2 and 1/2 by train and bus) In other words it's not happening. If it was on the way (by train) to Rome then YES we would make a pit stop, but it's not. Italy is scheduled to the max and I can't throw in another city. I already threw in Venice.

I'm planning my "next trip" which includes Munich, Prague and Switzerland. I'll add Volterra to that trip.

Oh! I have a plan of attack to find some info on my 4th great grandpa. I found that the London archives has books containing petitions to the crown to go abroad back in the day. We don't know what year he arrived in Boston and we don't know anything about his life before Boston so I'm using what we do know to estimating possible years that he left to begin my search. (I'm hoping to find his petition.) Yes this means I'm going to have to look at every single page of who-knows-how-many-books.

So I planned a trip to London for just the archives building. I'll have 3 full days to spend there from open to close so I'm hoping to find something. Unfortunately it's closed Sunday and Mondays so I couldn't do more days there. To go home on Sunday would have been £6 so I'm staying until Monday where the ride home is only £1. Well, I guess I can't say that trip is only for the archives building since I have 2 non-archive days to do what I want... Anyways I'm really excited for that trip and I hope I come back with something.

Sorry, this post seems to have ADD.


Nancy said...

I enjoyed your post, it will be so fun to see as much as you can before you come home. It's interesting to see how they live, the history etc.

Kim said...

Volterra would be awesome! But they actually filmed somewhere else so you have to add that city to your itinerary as well. And I love posts with ADD....more interesting!

neffie said...

Yes, Volterra would be for the "book tour" they filmed in some city that starts with an M. I didn't look it up... maybe I should see where that one is.... lol

Laura said...

I wish I was there with you! I can't wait to see all the photos from your travels. SO FUN!
I hope you have tons of success in London. :-)
I hope you're feeling better!

Love you!