14 March 2011


I now have a blipfoto journal.

Don't worry it's not taking the place of my blog. Blipfoto is going to help me on my photography goals. Currently my country / photo-walks are like twice a week or so, but I'm going to do them everyday with my camera. Then I'll post my favorite photo from the walk each day. My goal is to take a photo every day to post.

I'll still post photos on my blog too since I'm only posting one per day on blipfoto. :-) And there's no way I can only post one photo! How many London posts did I create (each full of photos)?

Yay, goals!


Lindsey M. said...

Awesome! I think I might start a blipfoto too. I've been thinking about starting a blog mostly for pictures, so thanks! :)
I hope everything is going well!
Lindsey M.

Laura said...

Cool! I can't wait to check it out!

Ivon said...

Is your blipfoto site, musings of a wannabe? Why are you a wannabe? You teach me so much. Love you.

neffie said...

Yes Dad that's me and thanks. Actually it'll be explained in an upcoming blog post :-)