12 April 2011

Don't know what to put

I don't think I've laughed as hard as I did last night and today in awhile. It's been a good couple of days.

Stopped by and visited Mary and Sebastian. I'm staring at Sebastian and then finally asked "Is it just me.... or does he look like Sam?" Mary and Becca have already had the same conversation. (Sam is Sebastian's cousin - Becca's son.)

Had dinner with some friends and afterwards I had the opportunity to watch an amazing pillow fight between two missionaries and four little girls. The girls were declared the winners, but the missionaries may disagree. They even did a sneak attack after the ceasefire and then ran away.

Enjoyed a picnic at the Polkemmet Country Park. We need a park like this one back home. Adults can enjoy these toys as well. So fun! But it was a wee bit windy so the picnic was taken indoors. We still had great time chatting while the children ran amuck.

Met up with Blair and Alison and took the train to Largs (a sea-side city), and we had a grande time!

Pictures will come soon. I want to check with the parent's and make sure it's ok to post pictures of their wee ones.

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Nancy said...

You are talking so UK! I love it!!!