09 April 2011


I received the best responses about the anonymous commenter who watches my blog since I started my journey, thinks I haven't accomplished anything and that it's been a waste of my money.

I know I shouldn't be calling attention to this sad piece of work that wants attention, but I LOVE these responses and wanted to share. :-)

"You were supposed to accomplish something? I thought you were just kicking it in the UK to make us jealous?"

"Usually, they're trollers. Dickheads doing it on purpose to try to get you to argue with them. They think it makes them cool to piss other people off at random. All I can picture is overweight 30+ year old men with a bad need for a haircut and shower living in their mama's basement, jobless, yet thinking they're so awesome for being a pain in the @$$ to completely decent people. Ignore them. They are not worth your time."

HAHAHA - those crack me up.

Thanks for your support guys!

Well, I just got back from spending a glorious week at the temple in northern England. It was an amazing week and absolutely gorgeous!

And I got laughed at today when I ordered mashed potatoes and gravy. As they laughed they said "that's so American." And I'm like "then why do you have the mashed potatoes?" Everyone else was putting the gravy on the potato wedges or the chips. (But I like them mashed.) She then ordered fish and chips and I was like "that's so English." :-)

Now I have a lesson to finish preparing.


Megan and Joe said...

Accomplishment is such a relative term. For some, merely walking a few steps is a great accomplishment! It is different for everyone depending on their circumstances. I think an accomplishment is something that makes you learn, grow, or make a positive difference for others. Steph, not only has this trip been FULL of those things, but your whole life is FULL of accomplishments. You should feel nothing but pride for what you have done on this trip and in general.

Anyone who actually knows you would never have made such a heartless, cowardly, and ignorant remark.

Gravy on potato wedges? I'd go with the mashed potatoes too!

LizKilpatrick said...

I think Anonymous had some great points. You just didn't want to listen. Steph, you sound like you just live for attention. Can you function without it? I can tell you are only having this "adventure" because there is nothing else for you to do. It doesn't take courage to go to another country - it takes money and having no ties to anything else. Millions of people do the exact same thing and you seem to want a medal for it. So lets all clap for Steph who was amazingly courageous for hopping on a plane and doing nothing in another country! (And trust me, I don't follow your blog. I happened upon it but rest assured it was a waste of my time to see posts about outlets, laundry, and appliances.)

neffie said...

I never said anything about the travel points that anonymous made because they are valid points. I had issue with the snide judgemental comment about my accomplishments.

Yes so many leave to live in different countries every year and I don't say I'm special for it or different. Every person has their reasons for doing it and every person is in a different physical and emotional place when they go. So yes it does take courage.

What i enjoy and have fun doing is not going to be enjoyed by all. But I'm having fun with my sisiter photographing the differences in different parts of the world. And I will post what I enjoy, what makes me laugh, what makes me cry, etc. In other words I will post what I want.

No I do not crave "attention" nor want a medal, but I do enjoy having an open forum where I can have the freedom to post what I want. I do find it funny that my blog was a waste of your time, yet you wasted more of your time leaving a long comment

Nancy said...

The blogger who complained about you sounds
more than a bit jealous of your adventures. They also sound as though they have an "it's not fair" mentality. Obviously they have never got on a plane alone and gone to another country to live. It takes a lot of courage. They also did not take into account that you saved mucho money so this dream could come true. I say the "sour grape" chick needs to get a life and let others enjoy theirs :).......