05 April 2011

Here and There (6 of 30)

Excuse me while I channel my inner Count from Sesame Street....

{Here} - Vun, ahah-ahah. Two, ahah-ahah. Zree, ahah-ahah. Zere are zree prongs, ahah-ahah.

{There} - Vun, ahah-ahah. Two, ahah-ahah. Zere are two prongs, ahah-ahah.


Ivon said...

We have those three-prongs too. Our dryer is plugged into one. However, your three prong is common through out the house. I love the here and then aspect.

Remember Steve ordered a phone from China that is not sold in the US. His phone charger came with a three-prong plug. We all laughed at him, just a little. Love you.

Sherri said...

Did you have to rebuy all your stuff??? Crazy fun!! I'm loving this! =)