23 May 2011

My painting

2 weekends ago Amanda and I got together and did some painting. (While we watched some Dr. Who....) Amanda painted a beautiful sunflower (we watched the Van Gogh episode of Dr. Who...) and she also painted a Tardis.

A mixed media painting was running around my head. I was able to complete the background but nothing else since it wasn't dried.

Then a week went by (I was going through my stuff in storage - which I completed! Go me!) until I could work on it again. I completed it Saturday night and it was fun and I love it!

Sorry for the crappy picture... I was lazy and took it with my phone.

PS - i've had a talking to about posting the rest of my pictures and don't worry I'll get to it.... eventually :-)


neffie said...
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Megan said...

Oh I like!

Ivon said...

Nice one. I love it, and I love you too.

Kim said...

Steph...it's really cool!!

Laura said...

It is so cool and looks even better in person! You did a great job!

Sherri said...

This is incredible! you have so many talents!