07 June 2011

Holy Hannah - it's a post!

I thought I'd post a sneak-peak of my trip photos:

Bergamo, Italy

Milan, Italy

Florence, Italy

Venice, Italy

Paris, France

There will be more detailed posts after I return from Utah. Yep, I'm shortly heading down to Utah to participate in a 5K and as a bonus I get to visit some friends and family! Oh, I better finish creating my 5k playlist.


Nancy said...

Sweet pictures ;)

Laura said...

Awesome photos! I can't wait to see more :-)

PS - I'm so excited for your playlist. You always make such great ones!

Ivon said...

I like sneak peaks. Nothing like a sneak peak to wet your appetite. Love you.

Kim said...

Very cool pictures!!

Sherri said...

If that is only a sneak peak...I can't wait! Run your 5k fast...so that you can post more pictures! =0

I am so excited for you to run the 5k! My family entered...so we will be running with you...from here in IOWA!!!