30 June 2011

Tiger Lily

This beautiful plant just popped up in our front yard and I was in awe. I asked what it was and I was told a Tiger Lily. So I've been telling people that I'm in love with Tiger Lilies, but not this one:

This one:

Both Image: Google Images

The only problem is, when I was searching for photos online for this blogpost all the photos of Tiger Lilies didn't look like the plant in my front yard. I eventually found out that it's not a Tiger Lily, it's an Orange Pixie Lily.

Different name but still extremely beautiful.

On another note, Pixie is the name of my cat! (Of course I think my Dad may argue that she's his cat, but my Mom may argue that she's her cat. Hmmm.... I still say she's my cat!) So we have a Pixie inside and outside. But unfortunately my cat's not orange.


Meg and Joe said...


Kim said...

I love Tiger Lily....both kinds!

Laura said...

You totally made me laugh. Gorgeous flower :-)

Sherri said...

I think Oregon has the prettiest flowers ever..love tiger lily...both...just like Kim!