02 October 2011

Dr Who Finale Party

What can I say? I'm a nerd

My friends and I had a Dr. Who finale party. Our invites looked exactly like the invites from the beginning of season 6. My two nieces like Dr. Who so I invited them as well, but discovered a problem with that scenario. They've started watching Dr. Who on Netflix, but are only in the 3rd season, so last weekend we had an impromptu Dr. Who party (for them to watch the 6th season) starting at about 9:00 Saturday evening. I had them up until about 12:30 and they wanted to keep going, but I had to be the responsible one and say "That's enough for tonight, church is early." Never fear we continued it after church. By last Sunday evening they were ready for the finale party :-)

I think it's fun doing nerdy things with nerd friends and having a nerd time = Geek out sessions. Yay geek out sessions! (Just like midnight showings for the Twilight movies)

We played pin the bow-tie on the doctor, we had a trivia game, we had many treats (double heart cookies, jammie dodgers (sp?), mini tardis cakes, etc) I started to create a BINGO game but wasn't able to get that finished in time, so I think we'll be playing that at the premier party. Yep, I smell a season 7 premier party in our future.

It was a fun episode and a fun evening. Sadly I didn't take any photos. Oh well!

PS - It's fun being able to geek out with your nieces and nephews. (Dr Who for the nieces and it was Avatar the Last Airbender for the nephews) I think I need to find something else to geek out with the nephews since Avatar has been over for awhile. Hmmm.... I wonder when the Legend of Korra will start.


5Youngers said...

The girls had the BEST time! You are such a fab aunt!

Ivon said...

Who? don;'t answer that question. Love you.

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