02 November 2011

My brain has been working overtime...

Some drama happened the other day and my first instinct was full blown attitude "Oh no she didn'! I have the proof in my inbox!" complete with the head moving to each side (in my head of course).

This is obviously a very high school reaction (oh my goodness did I have an attitude as a teenager and handle insecurities horribly). That reaction only happened for a moment, then I reminded myself that I was an adult. It's hard not to take offense and to be hurt, but it's amazing how a misunderstanding so small was blown up to this and could have easily been resolved with some communication.

Different personalities communicate differently which is why communication and understanding is so important.

I'm telling you right now I'm shy and have a few social awkwardness. Also there are times that I'm flighty and have tunnel vision because I'm focused on my goal. But I'm never telepathic.

If you don't tell me I did something to hurt or offend you (which would not have been done on purpose), then I don't know that I did.

But this whole thing got me thinking of a few things:

  1. I'm so thankful that my real friends and family don't enjoy drama and therefore don't create it. We communicate with each other. Yes we have our disagreements and little fights over stuff, but we talk to each other and they get resolved quickly.

  2. I find it very interesting that I have been drama free for YEARS, but the last 6 months or so I've had some bouts of drama. But what I find interesting about that is that the drama happens when I'm doing or about to do something that will help me grow spiritually. (Makes you go, hmmmm...)

  3. My initial reaction surprised me. I haven't had an attitude like that since high school. So is the "oh no she didn' " head bob always going to be my first reaction to stuff like this? (In my head of course) Honestly I think yes.

I think yes because I still jump off at the end of an escalator so I don't get sucked in. Just like I did when I was a child. (I'm sure some of you still do this too.)

Do you do things (rational or irrational) that you've done since childhood?

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