08 November 2011

Whale Watching

This past weekend Laura, Larry and I stayed in Anacortes, WA so we could go whale watching. Laura and I have had the desire to see a whale breach and we were positive it would happen this trip. Humpbacks were in the area and a possibility of seeing the resident Orcas. We saw no Humpbacks. The captain was giving it 10 more minutes before he was going to turn around and it would be a "no-show" whale watching trip.

But it wasn't!!!

The Orcas came!! All three pods were present and they gave us a show! On the right side, the left side, the front, and the back - seriously. There was so much breaching... it was amazing! (I know, Orcas are technically not whales but they're so cute!)

I didn't use my zoom because I'm not quick. (But check out my sister's post she has a telephoto lens.) But I did do some recording to give my family a very small view of what we saw (sorry for the filming but it was rocky on that boat.)

(I was going to remove the sound but then you wouldn't be able to hear the splashing. You have to be able to hear the splashing!)


Sherri said...

OH my goodness! Love it! I have never been whale watching...although I would love to!

Nancy said...

So exciting seeing them.....

Laura said...

It was SO MUCH FUN!! Minus the almost barfing, of course.

Ivon said...

I am glad all of you had such a great time. Thanks for sharing pictures and your movie. Love you!