21 December 2011

Exciting news!!!

I have been wanting to return to school for quite some time now. I have an Associates Degree but I want more. Not knowing what I want to study is part of the reason it has taken me so long to act on this desire. The other part was self-doubts that I could do it - like 'I'm past college-age' type of self doubts.

Last year I decided what I wanted to study and I set a goal for myself to go back in 2012 - specifically January. This year started to wind down and I was in the process of deciding on the university. I had a feeling to deter from my plan of looking at Oregon Universities and decided to take a chance at applying to BYU Hawaii. It was a school that had crossed my mind many times, but I always disregarded it because I didn't think I was good enough. But I decided the worse thing is the answer is no and if I didn't try I would be plagued with 'what ifs' and the feeling to apply was pretty strong.

So I put in an application and I waited....

While I waited I kept being plagued with thoughts of being too old and thoughts that I have a good job and should stay with it (which is true, I work for a great company that has been VERY good to me).

Luckily while I was in Oaxaca I had the opportunity to hand out Elementary and Middle School Completions Certificates. Whenever those thoughts would enter my brain I thought of this experience. These certificates were special. They were through the adult education program. These adults (some my age, some a little younger, and some older) are working on receiving their education for elementary and middle school. They were so happy to receive the certificate and they plan to continue with their education. I think of them to remind myself that I'm not too old. We're never too old for education.

Finally the other night my waiting ended.... I was ACCEPTED!!!! Wa-hoo!!!

In other news I finished part 1 of the Oaxaca video & it's scheduled to post tomorrow


Laura said...

I'm so thrilled for you!!

Sherri said...

That is awesome news....your going to have a splendid time!