28 December 2011

Why so serious?

I've learned that it's important to laugh at yourself. We all do stupid things. So here's my latest stupid thing:

A couple of days ago I posted that I received an acceptance letter.... well I received a hold letter and I interpreted it wrong. Oops! Luckily I was accepted. So I now know I'll be attending Fall 2012 at BYU Hawaii! Yay! I can't wait! BYU Hawaii & a Bachelor's degree here I come!

You know, I don't think I would have found that as amusing if I wasn't accepted. Luckily I don't have to find that out :-)


Laura said...

Hahahaha!! So glad it's officially official now :-)

Sherri said...

That's not a big mistake....I was hoping for a doozy!
I will not be posting my blunders like buying Gift Certificates for all my inlaws and their kids to out on a HUGE date night....and the closest restaurant is only 1500 miles away...yup! NO returns! It was only $225! There isn't one here by us either, or in Iowa...or anywhere on the WEST coast...or anywhere that Mark travels too. I mean....come on...I have to blame pregnancy!