22 February 2012

It's about freaking time 1 of 9

I know, I know.... I'm extremely slow. On the positive side it hasn't been a year yet. Last year at the end of April my friend JoElla met up with me in Bergamo, Italy for a wonderful trip (the last part was not so wonderful for her...)

Here's a glimpse of Bergamo, Italy:

I flew over the Alps!

We arrived in Bergamo at nighttime so we were able to wake up to a beautiful Italian day

We spent our morning exploring part of Cita Alta (the old part of Bergamo)

Look at that view!!

I may be trying to "sneak" into the city through the wall


Sherri said...

For a minute I ought you were sky diving....love your pictures! :)

neffie said...

Thanks Sherri! I have gone skydiving before :-)

Nancy said...

Love the shots!!

Laura said...

I want to see more, more, more!! Love these photos!!