27 February 2012

It's about freaking time 5a of 9

So far I've been able to narrow down the photos that I want to share so I can have one post for each city. I tried but I'm not able to do that for Rome.

But here's some of Roma and our visit to the Vatican:

The Vatican was SOOOOO busy! We pre-booked our entry time so we were able to skip that HUGE line, but we still had to battle the crowd inside.

JoElla likes to conserve paper as much as possible so she printed multiple tickets on one page. That made it a little hard for the scanners at the vatican to work on our barcode. Yes, they laughed at us. But look, we weren't the first ones to do teeny-tiny documents!

As you go down the staircase to visit the Sistine Chapel the recording tells you not to take photos in every language known to man. (Well, except for the twin's secret language.) The funny part is EVERYONE (ok almost everyone) down there are taking photos and the guards standing there didn't do a thing about it. It was beautiful.

Want to hear a funny story? The plaza at the vatican was packed. JoElla and I were next to each other, I turned around to take a photo and when I turned back JoElla was gone! I had a moment of panic while I franticly looked around for her. I didn't dare move away because I learned as a kid when you're lost you stay put. Oh I was panicking though. I turned back around and there she was standing right next to me. She was also panicking because she lost me. Now before you think we're crazy, which may already be too late, a couple had stood between us while they took pictures. So when I turned to talk to JoElla the couple was there and not JoElla. See a logical explanation!

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Laura said...

Hahahaha!! That is hilarious!! Love your photos :-)