05 February 2012


I've been MIA all month. I know I'm not the best blogger but I don't think I've missed a whole month before, but eh - whatcha gonna do? It has been a great and interesting January.

1. My best friend came up from Utah and surprised me so I was able to ring the new year playing with her. We had so much fun! Oh, I just love Miriam! (PS Miriam, you better come visit me while I'm in Hawaii!)

2. We had some major flooding. It was crazy. We had a lot of snow one day. Then the following day the snow melted and it started raining. It rained constantly for 3 days (and I mean constantly) and we got almost 7 inches of rain. LUCKILY (a.k.a answers to prayers) the rain stopped, even though the forecast was for 3-4 more days of rain. There were some areas that were hit hard though. I was ok, but areas not too far from me weren't.

3. I have a new niece! She's almost 2 weeks old and she's adorable! She was 4 lbs 15 oz & 18.25 inches long. My sister took some cute photos of Miss Emma Rae on her blog.

4. Work is busy. I was given new stuff, which I started at the beginning of January. So I've been getting used to the new projects at work. The good thing with work being busy is that the days go by fast. And I mean fast! I'm really enjoying my new responsibilities.

5. I've still been doing art commissions and it surprises me that I've done so many dog paintings. I'll do a post and show the paintings I've done so far. It's been fun bringing in some extra money as an artist. It's definitely not enough to pay the bills but it's perfect for some extra to the college savings.

6. I'm co-chair to the activities committee at church and our committee had to be built basically from scratch... I think there were 2 left in the branch.... so I was scrambling to get the January activity and the committee to the point that we're ahead of the game. (You know, so there's not so much that needs to get done at the last minute). We're very close to that.... I think a few more meetings and we should be there.

Yay for January and happy February to you!


Sherri said...

You've been missed! :) Sounds like you've been keeping rather busy!

Nancy said...

When you posted everything that happened in January, we did have quite the month!!!!

Laura said...

What a great way to start 2012 - fun, love, business, blessings and art. :-)

julie said...