04 March 2012

It was my birthday!

My birthday was Friday and I had to go somewhere, right? I was able to get a beach house and we headed to the coast. I LOVE the Oregon coast. It's so beautiful and relaxing. Only my sister and Amanda were able to make it (sadly the others had previous engagements ), but the three of us had fun with a capital F.

Laura is a photographer so I let her take the photos this weekend. I know, so nice of me. Therefore, I've stolen some from her blog:

The big thing we did on Friday was take a glass fusing class at MorArt. It was a wonderful experience and we're already planning on going back.

Check out Laura's blog for more photos of our experience!

And I may have chased seagulls.... (man that was fun!) Good times. Good times.

Since this is posting on March 5th I should put a shout-out for my baby brother: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Sherri said...

Your birthday looks and sounds perfect!
Love you!

Laura said...

It was such a GREAT weekend!!

Nancy said...

I'm glad you were able to get away for your birthday. You always have fun whatever you do.......life has always been a party. I love you!!