09 April 2012

Archery time!

I found a groupon for a 30 minute archery lesson at Archers Afield and it was for several people, so I asked Derek and Erica if they wanted to hang out today.  That's right!  Derek and Erica are in town this week.

I have serious aiming issues but look at that grouping!

Oh so close to the bullseye!

Wahoo!  I was the first one to get a bullseye!  You may say "But it's not on the X" the rule of archery is if it breaks the line it counts.  That line is broken which means I got the first bullseye! 

Derek also got a bullseye and he was definitely closer to it than me, but I was first :-)

Erica is double jointed in her elbow or something so she needed to use two arm guards.  (I think it looks cool though!)

After our lesson we moved to the "grown-up" shooting range. :-) 

Here's the proof of why she needed two arm guards :-)  Ouch!

It was SO much fun!!!!


Ivon said...

Sure does look like a fun event. Good opportunity to enjoy Derek and Erica all by yourself. Well played! Love you.

Laura said...

What a great way to spend the afternoon! I love it!