16 September 2012

I saw turtles!!!

So... I may be fried.  Possibly, but I'm not confirming it.

We went to Shark's Cove on the North Shore today to do some snorkeling.  I'm sure I've mentioned on here before how I have a love / hate relationship with the ocean.  Well anyways, if I haven't I'm filling you in now - the ocean kind of scares me.  (Ok, no 'kind of' it just does).  But I have gone snorkeling before so I thought nothing of it.

Well..... I may have hyperventilated and couldn't get myself to breathe normally.  It may have taken all of my strength to get myself to some rocks to sit on while I got myself under control.  Again, I'm not confirming anything :-) A very nice lady who lived across the street was getting out and loaned me her body board / boogie board so I could continue snorkeling since she has hyperventilated out there before too.  So nice!

Once I was on the board I was able to have my face in the water without hyperventilating once! Oh... I may have just confirmed the above situation - Oh well.

We then stopped off at Waimea Beach for Angela and Whitney to jump off the rock.  They asked if I wanted to do it (combine my fear of heights and the ocean in one?)  I told them, "I just hyperventilated snorkeling, there's no way I can do this."  So I'm thinking, I'm here for a few years so I might end up being a better swimmer, right?  Well if that happens I might be able to the jump.... we'll see.

Before heading home we stopped off at a beach where turtles come to kick it and bask in the sunlight.

Aren't they cute?!


Laura said...

I love these photos and they make me even MORE excited to come see you. Like I'm not already over the top excited! I want to hear more about this jumping spot :-)

neffie said...

I figured you would. :-)

Nancy said...

This is so cool!!! You are a bit on the crispy side, does your sunburn hurt?? It would be worth it to see these turtles...