08 October 2012


I thought I'd give an update.  (I believe my profile states I'm a bad blogger.... see, I didn't lie!)

I'm having a lot of fun in my polynesian folk dance class.  We've been doing some dances from Samoa (hence the subject) and it's been fun.  My social work teacher is amazing!  I'm LOVING that class!  I really like my religion class too (I must confess I'm a little behind on my reading but I'm going to get caught up before Wednesday) there are several times that I have ah-ha moments during that class.  That's a really good thing!  My other classes are going well too.  I think I'm lucky because all my classes have great teachers (yay!  Let's hope that keeps up.)

General Conference was this weekend and I swear President Uchtdorf was speaking to me!  Some concerns and things I've been thinking about the last couple of days were pretty much addressed in his talk.

I applied for the Social Work major last week and let's hope I get in because I don't have a plan B.  But I know I'm supposed to be here so if I don't get in that just means I'm supposed to do something else and I'll figure it out if I need to. :-)

On another note I went on a photo shoot with the photo club last week.  I'm not good with photographing people (mainly because I just don't really do it).  I've been wanting to practice and thought this is the best way to do it, right?  Here are the shots that I think turned out the best:

At the beginning of the shoot the leaders were posing our models, T, Cara, and Ethan

Then I worked with Ethan and apologized because I had no direction... but I like that he's laughing in this one.

I had some direction with Cara (some being the key word).  When it came to do the jumping shot she suggested doing it on the lawn for comfort rather than the sidewalk.  I thought it was a great suggestion and I LOVE this shot!

Then I snuck some photos that weren't of models as I waited to photograph T.

I thought the photo of Cara turned out well, so I copied it with T.... but this time we have the awesome sunset!  That of course meant loss of light so most of my photos after this really weren't turning out so well.

It was a lot of fun and I can't wait to go on the next shoot!

On another note, Saturday night I was at a bonfire on the beach and there was the coolest moon rise ever!  Seriously. Cool.


Sherri said...

These are all awesome! I wish you could take a picture of my crew! I think I'm going to have to...and I only have a point and shoot, that is duct taped together and the shutter only fully opens sometimes! :)

Nancy said...

I'm so glad you're having a good time. Your classes sound interesting. Love you!!!